So Who Are We?


We are a young dynamic couple who can truly say, "Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt"


Vatti              Gerhard

(B.ED. / H.Dip.Co.Sci.Int)


We are a young dynamic couple who can truly say, "Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt"

Since we started working...."Grade 5 at the local Put-Put Course".... we have had one pet peeve... NON-STOP SHOPS. It is truly such a waste of time, like standing in a queue half our lives, to find the things we are looking for or need. We then decided to start a true ONE-STOP SHOP, where a person can find services and / or products in one's own local area.

We have built up a database of service providers that we have tested ourselves in regards to price, expertise and service delivery. We also have a Research and Development center that will find a solution to your problem, simply click on our "HOW CAN WE  HELP YOU" page, type in your query, and we will help you.

We all prefer to use service providers that our friends recommend to us, simply because they offer us the peace of mind that at least, somebody has used them before, or even know them. Rest assured that we are extremely fussy about service quality vs price, since we often pay way to much for a lesser service simply because of advertisement, but beware, we also often pay less for a lesser service simply to save a buck or two, and end up paying more to fix the problem.

Before you waste time and money looking for, well, basically anything from the perfect knife sharpening angle and how to build your own lansky sharpening set for under R50..... right up to which 5th generation CPU and GPU combo to play FALLOUT 4 on maximum graphics, give us a try, whether it is a service we can directly offer to you ourselves, or point you in the right direction, we can promise you a service that we ourselves will be happy to accept.


In the meantime, brows our site and feel free to send us your requests.


Yours Truly: Gerhard and Vatti Van Zyl





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