Do It Right The First Time




We have to apologies for being arrogant right from the get go,

but poop in a fancy packaging still remains poop!!


The first computer we ever assembled was in 1986, it was an 808XT 8 Mhz, 128kb ram 20MB Hard Drive, Monochrome pc. It is still managing a full school library to this day. Why? ...... Quality Parts. We never have, and NEVER EVER will assemble an inferior product simply to get your business, money talks and BS walks. That being said, are you actually being quoted the correct price? Alternatively a WE MUST SURVIVE super inflated price. We realized early on, that having a client we constantly have to visit for troubleshooting, simply proves us as failures. "IT SPECIALISTS"... or so they call themselves, start doing the right thing please, build PC's and Networks after having done the necessary Systems Analysis and Design.


We have the latest technologies, and best tested brands delivered right to us from South-Africas biggest importers of computer parts RECTRON.


We only supply the best

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We also offer full and proper network design from the ground up before one part is purchased to make sure you buy the right solution the first time.



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PowerEdge R710

Our combined experience base includes:


  • * Micro processors & logical concepts
  • * Warnier orr chart design
  • * Systems analysis and design
  • * A+ (Computer component task specific assembly design)
  • * N+ (Network component task specific assembly design)
  • * Smart house design
  • * Delphi Programming
  • * C++ Programming
  • * Current IT infrastructure design and servicing
  • * Complete Home PC solutions
  • * Server solutions via Linux Turnkey Server Solutions
  • * Advanced Gaming Pc Solutions
  • * Online Troubleshooting via Team Viewer


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