As weird as some of them may seem, they are not new to the craft brewers market


Ginger Front Ginger Back

Grandmothers hot summers day classic. That fresh ginger snap

with a subtle hint of lemon. Best served on a hot day, chilled

to frost forming perfection. The only thing we have added to

this recipe, is our modern way of beer brewing, other than that,

we did not dare mess with perfection.

gourmet farms health benefits of ginger

Beet Front Beet Back

Right about now you all are saying "Eeeeuuwww". As did we the first time we saw it, until we tasted it. Definitely different, but quite enjoyable, with the added benefit of being RED, he,he,he. Definitely a real party favor.



Carrot Front Carrot Back

This is a surprisingly tasty beer with a distinct orange glow. Many of us love carrot juice, combine that with a love of beer, and you have a great refreshing combination.

Carrot eathealthylivefit com

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