Van Jacobs


To Beer...Or Not To Beer... That Is The Question


Curiosity killed the cat.....In our case, it made the beer.

We have always enjoyed beer, and since the craft beer industry has bloomed in S.A. it became possible for lovers of beer throughout S.A. to start adding their personal touch to the ART which is making beer.

We use only the best locally available ingrediets in making our beers, so our beers are truly "Local"

It was amazing how easy... and yet difficuilt making beer could be, since it only contains 3 ingredients, Water, Malt Barley and Yeast, we quickly realized that these three ingredients can be altered, moulded and adapted to make so many different styles of beer.

From the get go, we started roasting our own barley to add an immediate personal touch, this sounds a lot simpler than it turned out to be.

We have to give a personal word of thanks to "Toppies Brewing Co", they were absolutely brilliant and forthcomming in sharing their knowledge with us, which at that point mostly comprised of making spirits.





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